thumb|300px|rightWatch the 720p HD remake here: artistic view of the marks left on our skies by high-flying jet aircraft. Sometimes annoying, sometimes beautiful, their motion is often easier to appreciate when sped-up by the magic of time-lapse photography.These scenes were selected from over 700 sequences, captured in the skies over Santa Clarita, California during the years 2006-2008.The soundtrack score was composed and performed by Technician. 128kb stereo MP3 available at TECHNICIAN.JCMDI.COM. Soundtracks also available on CD at JCMDI.COMRiva stereo FLV encoding parameters for video: 270kbps, 30fps; audio: 64kbps, 22khz stereo. The video is slightly degraded (more than the usual YouTube mono encoding) due to the added bandwidth taken by the stereo audio, but I think the music is worth it.Higher quality 16:9 widesceen ver video:!