Thursday January 24, 2008 - 10:35 EDT

The Queensland Government's trial of cloud seeding has begun in the state's south-east, after a delay of several months.

Minister for Sustainability and Climate Change Andrew McNamara, says two aircraft have started flying around the region, one collecting data and the other testing the technology.

Mr McNamara says one of two types of cloud seeding will be tested, using flares and salt to try to produce more rain from convective, or "warm", clouds.

"The Victorians tried this back in 1979,1980 and weren't able to get the right sorts of clouds and couldn't make it work," he said.

"So although the science around the world says this does work if you've got the right formations, we need to do the work here and see if it can be part of the mix in dealing with Queensland's long-term water management."


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